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tv   ABC World News With Diane Sawyer  ABC  August 28, 2012 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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tonight on "world news," bracing for isaac. the hurricane starts to move ashore in the gulf coast, families taking shelter. wondering how long the fierce rains and floods even tornadoes will last. our live camera capturing it all in the big storm bears down. and the republican national convention nominates the presidential candidate. we talk exclusively to ann romney as she gears up for the speech of a lifetime for her husband. is she nervous? and what is the the best advice she ever gotty. plus, from center stage, we have the big picture.
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tonight, from tampa bay, florida, this is were wfr. "world news." good evening. as we come on the air, the republican national convention is finally under way. you can see it right there behind me. but it is still storm watch. and across the gulf coast, the front edge of isaac is now coming ashore. it is a category 1 hurricane, moving in on mississippi and louisiana. and the center is expected to make landfall at midnight. this now is isaac from space. winds up to 80 miles per hour. 20 inches of unrelenting rain expected over the next three days. it could also spawn a swarm of tornadoes. in the dark of night. and we are tracking it all with cameras. and lake pontchartrain in new orleans, a road under water already as the water surges and have have live cameras showing
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preparation for a tough night on the beaches of gulfport, mississippi. and here is the weather warroom in tammany parish, abc's weather editor sam champion leading us off right now from new orleans. sam. good evening, diane from the mississippi river boat natchez, natchez will spend the night riding out in new orleans. that's the crescent city connection behind us that you can barely see in the early wind and rain bands ahead of isaac. so let's check with the very latest here. if there's any surprise in the track of last action of it, it's that this storm wants to spend a little more time slowing down just south of the delta of louisiana and maybe even curve a little bit more to the west, riding the coast. that slow path will mean more wind and more rain. and it will also spend an awful lot of time in america's
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heartland, dropping very heavy tropical rain in places that aren't used to seeing that action. here's the path. take a look at it. it's a little amazing as it goes from the gulf, past the border of st. louis. that rain goes from atlanta and as far west as dallas. now shgas far as the winds go, s you may see a category 1 and think it's a small storm. but it's actually large in space storm. it ranges from 60 miles on either side of the center of the storm. and the tropical enforce winds about 180 miles an hour. there's an awful lot to this category 1 storm, diane. >> okay. sam. thanks. from new orleans, we move to another city in the cross hairs, gulfport, mississippi and abc's meteorologist ginger zee is there. ginger? >> diane, it certainly isn't just new orleans, there is a 450-mile stretch of coastline along the gulf that tonight is
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in a tropical storm or hurricane warning. and that includes this city of gulfport. look at the conditions behind me. the surf very rough. deteriorating the last few hours. already flooding on i-90 just east of biloxi, closing roads. look at the video we got earlier, boarded up houses and buildings. folks then getting offer the beaches. police asking them to and tonight a mandatory curfew goes into place. either way, the state of mississippi says, they're prepared. 1,500 national guard in place. at least 14 shelters open. diane. >> okay, thank you, ginger. next, let's bring in abc's matt gutman, he's in mississippi where already it's knee-deep water on the ground. matt. >> diane, incredible, this is an island, beyond the pylons are the boat slips underneath the sheds there were picnic tables are now submerged. we're already looking at four to
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five feet of flooding. there's a mandatory evacuation for this marina, and all the communities south of here, folks along the gulf coast hunkering down. the worst concern is the water. it's going to continue to rise all night, diane. >> moving on next now to mississippi our thanks to matt. and to new orleans, abc's bill weir is right there. >> reporter: with the waves on pontchartrain getting meaner, this could be the last jog for awhile, and it is too late to think about filling another sandbag, or gas tank. >> now's not the time to tempt fate, now's not the time to dismiss official warnings, you need to take this seriously. >> reporter: the warnings have come from all levels, and even in the french quarter, where the party never stop, the prudents are well stocked. >> i bought five cases of water and six cases of wine. >> reporter: this could be the first major test for those multi-billion dollar levies, beefed up since breaking under
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katrina seven years ago this week. robert green's family rode their floating roof through those waters that day, his mother died in front of them, his granddaughter swept away. but thanks to brad pitt's foundation, he now has a much stronger house, and enough peace of mind to stay. >> we're happy as a family to be here. but at the same time, we can be prudent and be attentive to what's going on around us. >> reporter: across town, we found a shelter filled with the same kind of weather-worn pragmatism. >> there's no place like home. i'm serious, there's no place like home. >> reporter: but there are also those just starting to grasp worst-case scenarios. >> i don't like dying at this early at my age. i don't want to die. >> reporter: right. you're not going to die tonight, i promise you. you're safe here. such heartbreaking innocence, but isaac also bringing out the worst in human nature.
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already a handful left of looters taking advantage of some of the evacuated homes here. diane, the new orleans police department, among all the first responders, determined to get this town through another dark and stormy night. >> all right, bill. i know you will be there throughout this night and so will the rest of the weather team. we thank all of you as we turn next right here to tampa, florida. they're, of course, watching the weather, too, at the republican national convention. you can see everybody out in force. right behind me there. and shortly before we came on the air, mitt romney became the official nominee, 1,144 votes putting him over the top. >> new jersey, 50. romney. >> and coming up tonight, two crucial moments. the keynote speak, chris christie of new jersey and the woman who will be instrumental in reintroducing her husband,
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ann romney. abc's david muir is on the convention floor right now. >> thank you, diane, on the floor, not far from your broadcast booth here at the republican national convention. to give you an idea of where we're standing, we're with the florida delegation over my shoulder. just not far off, the ohio delegation. two swing states the governor would like to carry. he would also like to improve his numbers with women tonight and tonight here, enter mrs. romney. mitt romney and his wife, ann, arriving in tampa today, just hours before ann romney will appear before her biggest audience ever. on the plane to tampa, mrs. romney in the front of the cabin, her glasses on, tweaking her speech. she brought her homemade welsh cakes to the back of the plane and delivered something else. a hint at what's coming tonight. >> you will see that my speech is heartfelt. >> reporter: her speech comes at a much needed time for the romney campaign. the most recent abc news/"washington post" poll show
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35% have a favorable view of him, 54% unfavorable vote. mrs. romney late today taking to the stage for a practice run of sorts, the campaign hoping for prime time appeal will help. >> she's got more energy than any person i've ever seen. rule, truly. >> reporter: while mrs. romney will offer a more special side to her husband, expect a rousing one from governor chris christie tonight, the fiery brand expected to ignite them. >> your rear end is going to get thrown in jail, you idiot. if what you want to do is put on a show, then i have no intention of answering your questions. >> reporter: today, governor cristy made it clear, he knows the stakes. >> i'm feeling pretty good. i'm in a good mood. you have seen otherwise from me. >> of course, ann romney up first tonight, diane, as you know, she's been practicing
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inside an auditorium two days in a row. i'm told there's a handful of people in that room, her whund of them and it's been described to me he had a grin ear to rear. >> i bet he shows up here tonight in support of her. tonight, there are 20,000 people at least here. and i had chains today in an abc news exclusive to talk to her, right after she walked out and had the startling sight of this hall for the first time. ann romney walked into the hall where her words could influence a presidential election. she usually speaks out notes but there's a teleprompter up there. she practiced on the gettysburg address. how was it up there? >> you know, i was like, oh. it's obviously, the biggest speech of my life. but as soon as i settled in, i'm like -- it felt good. felt really good.
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>> tell us about the prompter, that's new tonight? >> that's new. >> did the governor give you any advice? >> you know, he said just look for someone's face there, as though you're talking to someone, is that helps a lot. >> what is it on a night when you see your husband achieve this kind of thing? >> well, it's the funniest thing. it's not like we're jubilant. it's not that at all. it's a settling in of the awesomeness of how many people. it's a little of humility that millions of people have put their trust in us. and we don't want to disappoint. although we're not feeling overjoyed, those kinds of emotions aren't there. >> isaac is going to be coming on shore. are you going to -- >> i just was getting an update just as i was in my green room.
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and we were watching it. we hope everyone will stay safe and listen to what they've got to do and be prepared. >> but does it affect your mood here? >> well, you know, those are things that are unavoidable. and, you know, one thing that i've learned by being a mother of five boys is flexibility. >> and speaking of her strapping high-energy boys, she confessed laughingly, she'd always hoped for one girl. >> when the fifth baby came out, it was a boy, i'm like, oh, no. but one thing i can say about boys is, they've taught me much more than i think i would have learned by being a mother of girls. and they've taught me to be real. to have no baloney. and just to say it, say it straight, and then get over it. and that was a great lesson. >> so tonight, even though she never expected a public life, even though she has campaigned while battling m.s., she will be
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here to give her husband the greatest gift she can give in his political career. >> what would you say -- >> it was actually my father. he grabbed my hand, he said, ann, live your life. enjoy the moment. do everything you can. enjoy every dream you want. don't be restricted by anything. just go and live your life. he says, i wish i had more minutes in my life here. and that was amazing. i would listen as he would go to the other side, that was like his last really moment that he said, oh, life is great. and so that was probably my best advice. i'm sure he's watching me. >> watching over her tonight. i want to bring in co-anchor of
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"good morning america" and "this week" george stephanopoulos, it's hard to set the tone for that tonight? >> mitt romney is coming into this campaign with the lowest favorability ratings of any nominee in modern times in a major party. what she has to do tonight is turn that around. give people a sense of who he really is, why he's been trusted. >> what is the gender? >> he's doing okay with women. he's falling back tiparticularl with single women. where he's got the advantage is with men. that's where chris christie comes in tonight. >> what do you expect from him tonight? >> i asked him this morning, are we going to get fire and brimstone. he just laughed. i thought that was a clue. we saw him in 2008, a little bit
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of a harsh edge when they talked about barack obama. what i want watch for tonight is much more of a sense of humor. to see chris christie going after obama in a more playful way. they know he's personally at a high favorability rating. >> to keep the tone even tonight. you're one of the past masters of the stage, of conventions, you know everything about it, you can decipher the code. take a look at this hall and that stage, what's the first thing that strikes you? >> i'll tell you, when i walked into the hall today, the first thing that hit me is all that wood. trying to warm up, it's warm, it's a little homey. it also sends the message, this is rule, this is authentic, this is authentically american. that's what they're try doing with that stage tonight. >> well, you and i will be watching it all tonight with the powerhouse political team. be sure to tune in with us, the big speeches start tonight at 10:00 eastern time and we will see you then.
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visit for a free 1-month trial. for many, nexium helps relieve heartburn symptoms caused by acid reflux disease. osteoporosis-related bone fractures and low magnesium levels have been seen with nexium. possible side effects include headache, diarrhea, and abdominal pain. other serious stomach conditions may still exist. talk to your doctor about nexium. as we know these days, where there are politicians there is big money, hoping to influence decisions from everything from the election to health care for american families. though abc's chief investigative correspondent brian ross tried to question some of the big players here in tampa. >> reporter: for republicans and democrats it will be the most expensive, extravagant set up to the conventions ever. a set of lavish parties, flam
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b flamboyant strippers and insider access. mostly paid for by the big corporation, lobbyists and superrich who arrived in their private jets. these are the real vips, pointing to someone who is one of them, convicted lobbyist jack abe braoff. >> they're people who want something back. they keep have their agenda. >> reporter: at&t have taken over a nearby restaurant to entertain public officials and other vips for the week. abc news showed up, employees first tried to hide the sign with the honored guests names. and then ordered us to turn off our cameras or else. even the wind and rain from isaac did not put a damper on the big money. including a performance by the commodores, but on by senate republicans, someone inside took these pictures for us as six grateful senators, including
6:50 pm
john cornyn of texas, thanked the corporate sponsors who put up as much as $25,000 apiece to be there. >> blue cross and blue shield. aflac, at&t. >> reporter: blue cross blue shield and aflac, of course, have a huge stake in coverage laws and republican senators they helped spend time with will help write those laws. it was not something that he was eager to talk about. senator, can you not answer the question? and of course, it's all legal understand this country's almost nonexistent laws for political donations, diane. >> brian, i know you'll be out at the democratic national convention, too. >> absolutely. and coming up, a virus breaks out in a population for american families. yosemite national park. ♪
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at yosemite national park 4 million people visit each other. but tonight, a rare and deadly virus traced to a campsite in the park. and here's abc's neal karlinsky. >> reporter: tonight, yosemite national park is ground zero for deadly outbreak of hantavirus. already four confirmed cases, two of them fatal, leaving park officials with the enormous job of contacting the 1,700 people who stayed in yosemite's curry village campground since june. >> both of these people, a male and a female, are not related, were not up here together staying in these cabins. >> reporter: the virus is spread by rodent droppings, often as tiny airborne particles are ingested or breathed in. early symptoms can take up to six weeks to appear and include fatigue, fever and chills. but in less than ten days those symptoms give way to coughing and breathing problems, as it's lungs fill with fluid. the centers for disease control is asking health departments nationwide to be on the lookout
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for suspected cases. neal karlinsky, abc news, seattle. and coming up here, we're geeing to return to sam champion who wants to tell you how hard the winds are gusting right now, the winds of isaac. okay, team! after age 40, we can start losing muscle -- 8% every 10 years. wow. wow. but you can help fight muscle loss with exercise and ensure muscle health. i've got revigor. what's revigor? it's the amino acid metabolite, hmb to help rebuild muscle and strength naturally lost over time.
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and finally, for the winds of isaac at this moment, let's return to abc's weather editor sam champion. he's in new orleans. sam. >> diane, we just got a wind report of 71 miles per hour. at the mouth of the mississippi in boothville, louisiana. now, that's important to know because that's near hurricane-force winds and that means that isaac is creeping closer to the coastline. also, the waves in the center of that storm are being reported at 30 feet high. this is a storm even though a category 1. what amazes me, you've got tropical winds and rains runs into the america's heartland, attack into the great lakes. from the gulf to the great lakes. this is a very, very interesting storm. it's say long-running storm also. people who are there will be more than a day with the winds
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and shredding wind, diane. >> sam will be minute by minute. don't forget to tune in at 10:00 p.m. eastern for the whole political team covering the convention. and yahoo! by the way, is streaming live, starting right now. we'll see you tonight in a moment. good night. we're sitting on a bunch of shale gas.
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